How to Share the Internet with your iPhone’s mobile data

Although criticism is frequent, the smartphone has become an essential tool for all kinds of tasks on a day-to-day basis. If we spend so many hours in front of the smartphone it is precisely because it can do everything. For example, it allows you to connect other devices to the Internet with the WiFi sharing function.

Share the Internet with your iPhone

Let’s say your router has crashed, the connection has temporarily dropped or you are away from home, for work, or because you are on vacation. These and other situations have in common that they prevent you from connecting to the Internet from your computer, tablet or other devices. But even if you don’t have Internet access via WiFi or Ethernet, you can always use the mobile data that your iPhone gives you.

In the same way that an iPhone can use the Internet through the mobile connection, it is also possible to conduct that connection for another device to use. As simple as sharing the mobile data of your Movistar plan through WiFi connectivity, available on any current device.

Previously we saw how to share WiFi from Android. Today he plays the same using an iPhone. In both cases, the process is relatively simple by following a few steps.

Previous requirements

We can call it WiFi sharing, tethering in English, or, as Apple names it, Internet sharing. Whatever name we give it, it consists of using your iPhone as a WiFi point, the same as your Movistar router normally does. But while it is configured to function as such from day one, for the iPhone to share its mobile data we must explicitly tell it.

iphone internet

Any iPhone will serve you to share WiFi. And any device with a WiFi connection can be connected to it once we have configured it for it. The only limit is on your mobile data plan. If the plan is limited, you should take it into account so as not to exhaust the available data ahead of time.

If the data plan is unlimited, you will not have this problem, although it is advisable not to abuse it. Movistar does not prohibit or limit the function of tethering or sharing WiFi, but if you use it for direct downloads or for P2P, you should know that “in case of network congestion, the traffic corresponding to P2P and direct download portals could be given lower priority than other types of traffic ”.

Share your mobile data via 4G or 5G

Using the mobile network that your iPhone has access to, you have the ability to connect to the Internet wherever you are. Thanks to this you can send WhatsApp messages, upload your photos to Instagram or watch YouTube or Netflix videos in high resolution.

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